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So you’re in your 20s or early 30s watching this video? My data says that's 80% of my market.


keep watching.

If you apply what’s in this video it could literally make you millions of dollars. Not bullshit, I’ll show you coming up.

Realize how lucky YOU are!? Stumbled on THIS video, at THIS time in your life? Could literally be the difference of a million dollars. Show you in a minute.

Hey Refusers! Welcome to Money Mondays — where we talk about how to use money so finances are less stressful in your present, you can break money habits of past, and your future is secure.

Here are the eight best secrets to becoming rich in your 20s and 30s


Age is NOT a weakness, it’s the ULTIMATE strength. by the time most people are “ready” to start thinking about future it’s too late! the illusion of “when i have a lot of money then I’ll invest” it’s backward, most don’t have lots of money because they don’t invest! Start wherever you’re at. starting in your 20s is SO much better than 30’or 40’s Insert tony robbins comparison from UNshkble video of 20 years old investing

2. SECRET OF Compounding

Golf game — Tony Robbins (it’s that good of analogy)

3. SECRET of 401k Max out

literally FREE money! I don’ have one… so jealous my girlfriend!

4. SECRET of Roth ira good to set this up. $5500 / year (Schwab) MAX this out too! All principal is okay to withdraw All gained is tax-free! 59 1/2 years old withdraw

5. Get out of debt

Credit debt — thing to watch out for! Get OUT. (I’ve never been in credit debt)Ramsey method: Snowball. Pay the lowest card off first.

6. Don’t earn your way rich

you DON’T earn your way rich. Impossible to do. Invest your way RICH. Stop trading hours for dollars. Make money work for you, don’t work for it. This is what we cover on RTS.

7. you don’t have to deprive your lifestyle to invest

qapital app: ► (get $5 FREE when you download/use that link) hack it so you don’t notice don’t cut back on everything - hate yourself make it fun — EARNING money to invest, not throwing it away

8. invest in yourself

self-growth financial IQ don’t be avg (76% paycheck to paycheck, x% in credit debt, x% ____)

stop settling start living


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