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How do you become a superior man? What does that even mean? Can you really live at your edge and discover what you were born to do? Find out in this weeks book review: THE WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN (PART II)

Take the best books in personal development, business, finance, psychology, condensing down 300+ pages into ten BIG ideas you can walk away with and take action on.

My most gifted book, EVER. A book I’d recommend every many reads at least ONCE in their life. If you’re a woman - read it! Understand men/ego / unique struggles 100% better (spoken to 4 or 5 different successful women who said it’s changed their relationships completely).


This weeks book Way of the Superior Man. In a world that’s SO P.C. — can’t say anything without getting in an argument or prefacing for 20min before you say your statement (at least in Seattle) this book is a breath of fresh air. You will disagree with 25% LOVE 50% and be left utterly confused by 60% — and wonder why I didn’t pass 3rd-grade math.


THINK ABOUT THIS: Name one thing in life where there isn’t an opposite? Night/day. Monochrome / color Up / down hot / cold east / west moon / sun infinity / zero Can you even name one? The main concept this book is centered around This is what creates ATTRACTION - magnets. Literally polarized. Men and women - masculine and feminine energy

3. You are what you attract like attracts like According to book: 10% couples neural polarity — 10% feminine dude and masculine woman and 80% are masculine dude and feminine woman.

4. disagree: “never change your mind to please your woman” There’s danger in loops and quotes ringing in your head. This book does this, take things lightly. OLD Clark: had this in back of my head playing — wouldn’t apologize because they’ll see that as weakness, never change mind and stay the course, no directions, etc. NEW CLARK: Focus on the 80/20. On the 20% of BIG picture stuff — DON’T LISTEN. Highest goals is up to YOU, not THEM. Small shit, give in! Let he win.

5. stop hoping for your woman to get easier SAME person today, is SAME person of 10-years just a decade older.

6. PRAISE HER FREELY. Men grow through challenge (i.e. bet you can’t jump over the fence, make a million, etc. women grow through praise.

7. what she wants is not what she says TESTS women will give you MEN: tornadoes — HIT HARD then gone. You KNOW what’s happening WOMEN: Hurricanes — get warnings weeks in advance, still have no clue what’s happening or how bad it is until the after math. Floating down river with your dog on a raft.

8. Don't hope for completion in life IN H.S. - make it through to get to college. IN COLLEGE - make it through to get to ENT. IN ENT. Make it through to get to 30’s Millionaire. IN 30’s probably going to hope kids graduate all-time in the world.

9. purpose over the relationship MUST prioritize OTHER missions beyond relationship

10. Don’t fix your woman Biggest boner killer: Mr. Fix It. Just wants to be listened to and encouraged - not fixed. Speaking to your woman, call glass half full not half empty Praise qualities you want to see GROW

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