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The Mentor myth - how to get a mentor. So i got a question in our FB group went like this — NOT calling you out because I know this wasn’t what you were asking it, it’s a fine question. Go on a rant today everybody needs to hear. The myth of “finding a mentor” Seems that since the Tai Lopez ad the term “mentor” has been floating in self-development entrepreneur space online as if it’s a MUST. And most people have it totally wrong. I’m fortunate enough at this stage to interact with thousands of you from all parts of the world. LOTS of emails, DMs, Messages, comments — I start to notice patterns. One HUGE pattern that’s killing a lot of people’s success: The MYTH of a mentor. Whose permission do you need? Don’t need anybody’s permission to have them mentor you Mentorship isn’t some formal event where you sit 1 on 1 and they tell you what you need to do better. Weekly check-ins and progress reports. Mentorship can be ANYTHING. My mentors: Tony Robbins taught me about life and speaking with passion, Russell Brunson teaching about sales and funnels Ramit Sethi taught me about online courses and killer content Tim Ferris helped me explore ideas and taught me how to question better Sean Croxton taught me business and podcasting why people really want a mentor ALSO: another thing I realized: what 80% of people are asking is “Do the work for me” It’s a lazy excuse — same people are ones who complain saying “mentors are too hard to find. I can’t get mentored by anyone so that’s why i’m not successful.” It’s completely backward. The reason you’re not successful is that you’re spending time LOOKING for mentors!! Don’t rely on anybody else to make you successful WRITE YOURS DOWN who are your mentors in your life? don’t have any? CHOOSE THEM! Study them! Buy their products, get on their email lists, look at who they follow, read the books they recommend, listen to podcasts they talk about, etc. stop

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