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If there’s one thing all successful people have, billionaires, millionaires, Olympians, politicians, you name them they have this… intense extreme discipline. And in this video I want to walk through 3 unique ways to gain more self-discipline in your life.

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Hey Refusers, Clark back from You’re on this channel because you want to improve every area of your life, right? You are someone who refuses to settle for average - you want what’s possible because you have faith in yourself and your abilities to achieve it! Good, keep watching. The ONE thing you’ll need on your journey is the ONLY thing that will stop you — Self Discipline. Think about it. What don’t you need discipline for? Only thing I can think of are things that probably won't make you happy, rich, or satisfied in the long run. Today we’re talking about how you can frame it to get more. Isn’t this boring? Why do I want this, Clark?

Discipline equals freedom Jacko Willinks — Everything you want is on the other side of discipline FREEDOM of nice body at beach = DISCIPLINE to stick at health FREEDOM of money and abundance = DISCIPLINE to not spend everything FREEDOM of relationship and love = DISCIPLINE to commit and go all in w/ person FREEDOM of great future = DISCIPLINE to sacrifice short term pleasure QUOTE: “Entrepreneurs do the things others wont, so they can have the freedom and lifestyle that others don’t.”

Most people in life DON’T even think about discipline. You’re already above average. But here are the 3 things because we all struggle from time to time with this or low motivation - on how to maximize your self discipline.

1. USE the STICK You will work much harder NOT TO LOSE something, than to gain something. i.e. most people would never go to Vegas and bet house all on black to double money. EVEN if it were 50/50 odds the risk of loss is too great. twoards pleasure or away from pain - how we are wired as humans. What is the PAIN you will feel by NOT taking action? Tap into this! ex: what you’re seeing right now — publicly declare 50 for 50 challenge. EVERY day till new years. pretty easy to tell if I miss a day or skip out. How can YOU leverage the stick in your life? Make it HURT. Make it MATTER. Make it HAPPEN

2. USE THE CARROT See it going RIGHT How will your life look 5-years from now if you do things you say you’re gonna do? How will your body look? How will your bank account look? How will your house/lifestyle look? How will other’s treat you? Recommended: Vision Board video - DO this!

3. MOST IMPORTANT THING STORY: I was in college when I became obsessed with personal development. Changed every area of my life. But I was so rigid, I’d track everything. It NEEDED to have a checkbox next to it or it didn’t count. Remember having a daily to-do list that looked like a costco receipt. GYM ROUTINE, Morning ritual for 1hr, meditation two times daily, hangout with girlfriend (she hated this one). I BURNT OUT — TOO many things and changes at once. Don’t do this. LESSON: Commit to ONE area - what’s the single most important thing right now? Use all your willpower here. Willpower is not on will-call. It get’s used up just like energy ATP in the gym. Can’t train all body parts in one day to the intensity you can over one week. As you leave this video, comment below with your A) Area (health, wealth, relationship, self growth) and B) Your goal that you WILL be disciplined in. I’m going to post an update video within 6-months and remind you to come back here and check on your comment to see if you did what you said. Should be fun!

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