Refusing to Settle

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So you want to be successful — you’ve seen uber successful people and see yourself there, right? Athletes, business people, millionaires, actors, musicians — but how do you know if you’ll actually get there one day? This is Clark with refusing to settle dot come — let’s go

1. You risk it for the biscuit “no risk no reward” we understand this conceptually, but we really don’t apply it daily. Work much harder not to lose something than to gain something. Right? The reason it’s so scary to ask a women out on a date is because we view the LOSS of image getting rejected. The reason it’s so hard to to film youtube videos is that you’re viewing all potential haters. Negative comments! Tip: FLIP THAT! View it going RIGHT Not talking stupid risk here, but anything you do (acting, business, etc) is gonna require putting yourself out there - which ultimately means RISK

2. you can take failure Story: Goal in college was reading 4-hour work week! SOLD! Absolute Abs product in college. I had great business idea — fitness WITH drums. Shirtless drumming youtube WITH my first product… Absolute Abs. It sold 3 copies. I got TONS of hate. I “wasted” 6-mo of everyday pulling hair out outsourcing to Bangladesh - goal was just to make it BIG TIME. It turned into a big time failure.

3. you can REDIRECT Okay so why wasn’t absolute abs a total failure? because I used this third thing: REDIRECT! This is SO powerful if you get this concept. 2 degree change I 2 degrés changed into self-development. Instagram: 2 degree changed from address book into number one platform in world. You need to re direct your life from time to time, and that’s totally okay! You’ll make it big if you face this with brutal honesty.

4. you can LAUgh Face this “self-development” with such seriousness Ever see Dahlia Lama? Dude is always smiling, occasionally cracks inappropriate jokes! He’s playful. I know telling you to “loosen up” when you’re broke and grinding it out sucks to hear. Did for me. BUT Tony Robbins says: in 5-years you’ll look back on this and laugh, so why wait?

Refusing to settle,


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