Refusing to Settle

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Today I got a good ol fashion rant about passive income. If you ever wanted to make money online or want to own your own business or currently do, You need to hear this. clark from refusing to settle dot com. Let’s go! most people that do are looking for the opposite… Truth is 75% of emails I get have someone asking me how to make passive income… so they don’t have to work. When you peel back the onion that’s what they’re saying. See anything wrong there? Passive income and what they don’t tell you — takes a TON of work to set up! You don’t just walk into it. Have to EARN it. My point is this: If you pursue passive income from the place of trying to escape something, it won’t be sustainable. Because the thing you’re pursuing takes work, patience, and strategy. Not to mention it’s constantly evolving. And if you don’t love it, you’ll view changes from space of “OH NO! I LOST IT ALL”


“Systems” - you hear me talk about. That’s the best goal in my mind. Do you want to work ON your business or IN your business? If you don't have automation you don’t have a good business. NOW - downside is to get to a place of where you can outsource and hire, you have to grind for a while. Unless you invest money upfront. Growing pains of figuring stuff out. NEED to go through that in order to be a success! i.e. me 4-years ago, I could have run FB as and done all marking stuff, but it would have been a waste of money. i.e setting sail on trip with holes in your boat. OR setting sail with rusty boat. — fix it so you don’t drown in middle of ocean.

stop settling start living


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