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How to ethically Cut someone out of your life -- YOU ARE THE AVERAGE OF THE TOP FIVE PEOPLE YOU HANG AROUND. How do you know if someone is averaging you… down? And… what can you do about it without being rude or hurtful? Show you that in this video This is Clark with refusing to settle dot come — let’s go I did this video 5-years ago on a bad webcam. People loved it. Thought I’d add some stuff to it for all you beautiful people. I got an email from a dude talking about close friend group pulling him down. They’d always talk smack about instagram people they follow, no motivation, wanted to drink, etc.

A. notice: Birds of feather flock together You ARE who you hang around. See eagles flying with crows? See millionaires hanging with construction workers? See fat people — the study shows you’re 50% MORE likely to be obese if best friends are!! You MUST realize this that who you hang around… you become. NOTICE - if you think they’re toxic… just keep notes in your head.

WARNING SIGNS: 1. Mad at your success 2. Project their limiting beliefs onto you 3. Lack ambition and long-term vision i.e. had a close friend who had girlfriend ALWAYS drinking. Binge drinking bottles of wine. Noticed this when I pointed it out to her that she drank a lot around that specific friend… but not others. She was like “oh, never noticed before”

B. Ask: Give them changes to change! Most people take the easy route with this: say, JUST CUT THEM LOOSE! Are you kidding? That is super insensitive. Fact sometimes the best thing you can do when someone is toxic or struggling,… is be there for them. second chances - i believe strongly in them How do you know it’s too far? When it starts affecting YOU. i.e. friend: she asked if she thought she had a problem? Was met with mega resistance! i.e. “piviot” in business world — chance to change!

B. Decide: it’s happening… but how A HA: in my life came when I realized that there’s some people you grow up with and theres others you grow out of…. What if you were forced to hangout with childhood friends ONLY. or ONLY the people you hung out with in middle school? Look at their facebook pages…. good god! What if you had to work same job as 14? We accept this in other areas,, but with cutting people out for some reason we can’t. i.e. drinking friend she knew had to cut out because it was affecting her, negative, etc

3. Cut: Let it rip!

1. BLUNT: Ethically do it: Have an honest real talk with them. Don’t have to be rude, but you’re telling them you don’t want to see them anymore. Break up.

2. PASSIVE: Slowly distance yourself from that person over time.

3. GHOST: No contact. Ever again. delete them off FB/phone/etc.

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