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Learn How To Love Talking In Public | 5 Public Speaking Tips Here are 5 ways to improve your communication skills. This video’s gonna make you look good the next time you need to get up and speak in front of people! It’s clark from Refusing to Settle dot com — let’s go! Maybe had to speak in front of people and it sucked nervous: speaking in friends telling story all eyes on you nervous: speaking up at work nervous: speaking on camera all these five tips work — result I learned college comm, speaking in hundreds of interviews, and hundreds of videos, sales, email, channels of communication, yada yada.

1. Think about why you’re getting nervous: It’s not Just you! ranks higher than fear of spiders, small spaces, and death itself….

2. ACT AS IF see going wrong = fear see going right = excitement i.e. these videos — see people hating on them, won’t film any. See someone watching and life getting better = HAVE to film!

3. STRUCTURE!! My NUMBER ONE TIP! Give them benchmarks to hit (Helps them) 1, 2, 3, etc A,B,C Gives you pacing (Helps you)

4.. FRAMES Something I don’t talk about a lot. Write some affirmations and memorize them! i.e. FILMING : “What I have to say matters. People NEED what I have to give them. Remember that videos get 95% positive ratings, don’t listen to the 5%….. etc” i.e. LIFE: “I control my state. I am independent of good or bad options of others. It’s 100% on me to figure everything out. It’s not anybody else’s job to make me happy, successful, etc”

5. Memorize it all backward i.e. SPARK SUMMIT — know the ending = have it DOWN. if all else fails, you can finish strong.


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