Refusing to Settle

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In this video… I’m gonna show you step by step how I made over $29k online using 5-income methods. WITHOUT being in drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, Real Estate, Marketing Agency, Facebook Ads, other stuff you normally hear nonstop about. This is internet marketing 101. We're going to look at five awesome online business models that work together to generate passive income on a monthly basis. It’s Clark from refusing to settle dot com. Let’s go!


1. I did this with NO ads. Crazy because people in FB groups flaunt 7-figure sales funnels but spend 900k/yr to get there… AND, once the ads go away (or double like they will this year) you’re business is gone. I’m NOT hating on ads or buying traffic, just everyone will tell you organic traffic is harder but better 9 times out of ten.

2. This is NOT saying you will make this much money. This is NOT typical and NOT guaranteed. This video is fully intented as entertainment and educational content, not financial advice. I tried my best to estimate on the conservative side of things, so these numbers aren't EXACT but they should be pretty darn close!

3. Last thing you need to know before watching: This is the result of YEARS of work - something other internet marketers//youtubers won’t tell you… BUT, the more i learn the more i earn — online courses DID make an immense impact on my income this year. Now let's dive in and have some fun!


1. YouTube Ads -- mostly from high-performing pre existing videos. Find one major keyword and rank for it!

2. Mini Launch: Backstage Studio (

3. Online Course on Autopilot

4. Affiliate Promos: Qapital, Organifi, Amazon Associates, K Money Mastery, etc.

5. Good Ol Fashion HUSTLE! Did 50 videos in 50 days - you know how hard that is!? Especially since I was on tour for some, festivals for others, in a music video, etc.

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