Refusing to Settle

In this video, I’m going to walk you step by step how I saved the most money I ever have this year, without penny-pinching, freezing my credit cards, depriving myself of night outs

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It’s time to talk about saving mmmmoooonnnnaaaayyyyy! It’s clark from Refusing to Settle dot com and I got 5 profit-making TIPS for you— let’s go! This video’s NOT gonna tell you to keep a budget, cut back on lattes, or wash cars part time… I’m gonna tell you what you want to hear! Those other boring videos exist (and your grandpa’s probably teaching them) This video is not going to be about budgeting, save money on lattes, cut back on spending. This video’s going to be unconventional truth I used to save money. Here is how to save money fast and some ways to save money quickly even if you're on a strict budget. Most of these methods were kind of easy…. to my surprise. Saving money quick is about setting the RIGHT systems in place to make money work for you, not work for it. Quick Disclaimer — I’m NOT a finical expert! No finical advice is being given here. ALWAYS check with your financial provider before making any big moves with your money.

1. Make It Simple, Stupid! Michael Scott in the office getting his house loan: “Explain it to me like a 5th grader.” then “okay…. explain it to me like a 3rd grader” Wealth = Money you make (job, income, investments, interest, profits, etc) - any debt (loans, mortgages, credit, payments, living expenses, etc)

2. Richest man in babaloyn BIG A-HA: If nothing changes you’ll always be broke. If you’re not saving now, you NEVER will. a part of ALL you make is yours to keep Me: 22 jobs at 22. What did I have to show for it? EXERCISE: Write a list of EVERY job you’ve EVER worked. From Babysitting to Bus boy - look at the list. If you don’t have any money saved from those… pretty much worked for free! (assuming you didn’t use money to buy assets, or education)

3. Automate everything People always give me shyt for recommending it so much, but it’s been MY number one secret weapon: Qapital. Get a FREE $5 with Qapital Here: My secret weapon. Remember that becoming rich is not about money you make - it's about the money you KEEP. I use that app to save portions of every check I earn online. It does it automatically for me so I don't see it happening! I set to freelancer rule - save 30%. If you download it through that link you'll get a FREE $5 when you make your first deposit. Don’t try to willpower your way to wealth. USE technology today it’s easier than ever to be smart with money! Make computers do work for you, 1’s and 0’s make you the 100000’s!!

4. ….make more money! top comment on last video was “Answer: don’t spend money” I disagree! Answer: MAKE more money! Think about it: What gets you more inspired: I want to spend 10k LESS and deprive myself! OR “I want to keep everything the same and get a 10k RAISE!” Make More:

1. PROVIDE MORE value! (charge more)

2. SERVE MORE (do at scale // using leverage)

3. ASK (negotiate your salary 6-mo)


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