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What's up refusers?

So I've been hinting at this little secret project I got going on, actually flew down to San Diego because my friend who's also a Youtuber, runs multiple seven-figure businesses super into drop shipping, ecommerce. he invited me to come down and kind of shoot the breeze about what it takes to be a millionaire. So I'm so excited and we're actually at his house right now. I go inside and we're going to meet him right now.

So I'm excited we're going to go find a spot to sit down and have one of the most epic conversations you've ever watched on how to become a millionaire.

Mr Kevin. David, everyone. Congrats on the house, man. Thank you so much. We've been exploring it, living it up in San Diego, got some Burritos, but today's topic is how to become a millionaire in your twenties. And I think a cool thing, a cool way to open this up would be to, uh, like when you were 14, did you have goals of being a millionaire one day? Like when you were 14, take us back then, like when did you think it would all happen or what was going through your minds? I mean, when I was, when I was 14, I didn't even really understand what money was and like what it meant.

Like I had like a, a comfortable childhood. I wasn't rich. I mean I had, I had rich friends and I was lucky enough to have kind of have rich friends that were um, that liked me and their families really liked me. And so I actually was able to go on something like really extravagant kind of vacations that I wouldn't have been able to afford even when I was younger. And it kind of gave me a taste as to, you know, the different experiences that you can have based on the amount of money that you have. And I didn't really understand that and tell us a little bit older, but I wouldn't say like when I was 14, you know, I like have these like big, like, you know, ed master plan goals to be a millionaire. I wasn't like that.

What was the moment that you hit a million dollars, whether that be, you know, like in the bank account, but, or just like through click funnels. You just showed us your award. Like what was that moment like? Do you do anything?

Yeah, so I mean that's, I love that question because you know, a lot of people talk about making a million dollars are being seven figure entrepreneurs. But I would say, you know, one percent of those people actually have a million dollars in the bank when they're saying that because it's a very different thing. Having a million dollars in the bank versus making a million dollars. And so the first, the first moment that I had a million dollars in the bank was over a year ago now, uh, and, you know, I was expecting it because like, you know, once I get a little bit older, I traveled for four or five years all around the world to a bunch of different countries and, you know, did a lot of things that I'm so grateful for, unlucky for. But, you know, my goals weren't empire business then it was like see the, and then I kind of settled down and started to really work on money.


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