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▸ [FREE] 🌴Discover The 3 Secrets on How To Create Your First Profitable Online Course This Weekend... EVEN IF You're Not An Expert and Hate Tech Stuff... (LIMITED TIME) 🚨 I just hooked YOU up... Let's call this the "Mafia Offer" because i'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse 🤣... Hey Refuser! You may or may not have heard, I have a BRAND new course out. It's called "Courses That Crush" and it's ironically all about how to create your OWN online Course! Some of you have ALREADY bought it and are in the member's area. To you, THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE AWESOME. 😍 But if you haven't yet... cool if I cut straight to it and give you 3 reasons you should.

1️⃣ REASON 01: It's funny, everyone thinks that "brand building" or "making content" is a legit business model... They're only half right. PRODUCTS are the business model. PRODUCTS are what generate revenue. It's what I tell you in YouTube videos you've seen time and time again! Do NOT just rely on ad revenue - you are leaving SO much money on the table if you don't have your own product. AND - through online courses, you're able to create content that SELLS your course through your videos! Every video becomes like a little "salesperson" that does the promoting for you. Not to mention they're fully automated, don't cost anything, and sit on youtube for years to come. Remember - brand building is only HALF the battle... You're gonna be SO ahead of everyone by the end of Courses That Crush. .

2️⃣ REASON 02: have you ever wondered why every 7-figure and 8-figure entrepreneur sells online courses? Oprah, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Brendon Burchard, Tim Ferris, the list goes on. I know you know at least ONE of those names. So why do they all do it? Because it's a BEAUTIFUL business model. With courses you have NO: Employees, rent, shipping costs, return costs, travel costs, etc. All you need is a simple website (don't worry, the tech isn't hard), and your course to be good to go! Put simply, digital products have all the scalability, automation, and profit other business models don't.

3️⃣ REASON 03: two quotes I love: A) "if you don't have automation, you don't have a business" and B) "you want to be working ON your business, not IN your business" - the automation that comes through online courses is insane. Courses free you up to work ON your business and stop trading your hours for dollars. You create the thing once, and it continues to pay you for years to come. Yes, you'll probably have to update it from time to time, but that's kinda fun, to be honest! YouTube + Online Courses were the things that finally took me from broke, working as a janitor, and in mom's basement to be able to travel around the world earning six figures. I created this course for entrepreneurs (like you) who are ready to step up and get some shortcuts for creating their FIRST online course. Now time for the "mafia offer"... So because you're a subscriber to RTS, I'm offering you a MASSIVE discount on this thing! Once the launch ends, I'm going to raise it (over time) to $997 (maybe even $1997). Because you're in RTS community and because we're trying to build the CTC testimonial/FB group... ⚠️ Enter the Promo Code "REFUSER100" at checkout and get CTC for $100 OFF! You still get all the bonuses and special stuff too! ⚠️ Sound awesome? You READY to create your first online course without all the headaches and frustration? Cool! Click this link and go get started. 👇 Miss the webinar? Want more free info on online courses? Check the comments for a link to the CTC FREE Webinar Training (bring a notepad 🤓) Can't wait to see you in the CTC Course! Thank you for supporting RTS and everything we do. All these programs are for YOU. It makes my day getting your success story, testimonial, or some small progress you've made on this journey. 🌴 Keep pushing forward. It's all worth it. Stay focused and stay committed. Let me know how I can help! Let's CRUSH this whole thing together.

Much love,

Clark "the dude who makes a course on making courses" Kegley 🤘

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