Refusing to Settle

If you go to AMAZON RIGHT NOW and type: “How to Find your purpose” guess how many books appear? OVER 404 Books! Please DO NOT read 405 books…. in this video we’re going over how to find your life purpose in 10 minutes. ▸ [FREE] The 11 Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever

Look — I believe there are three things we pursue in life:

JOBS: pay the bills. Keep electricity on and food on table… Careers: Decent, but don’t have fulfillment. CALLINGS: wake up with PASSION and FIRE burning! Can’t WAIT to see what’s next! So in this video, we’re going over how to find your “passion” or “calling” in life. Stay to the end of this video - we’re doing something called the “3 Circles exercise” that will help you get results TODAY if you use it.

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refusing to settle,


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