Refusing to Settle

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It’s Clark with Refusing to settle and we got a banger of a book review, FU Money - something you’ve been asking for me to review for a long time. AND not to kill the surprise, but this one features a epic cameo you want to stick around for.

ALSO - Dan’s team is giving away this book 100% free in the link below with a special training I’ll talk a little bit more about shortly.

What is FU Money? It's about making as much money as you damn well want and live your life as you damn well please! FU Money is about FREEDOM not just a money. Think about it. Money itself is not good. You can't use it to keep warm. You can’t eat it. You can’t speak with it. It’s what it represents!

What would it feel like to know, no matter what happens in life you’ll have enough money to be okay. You don’t have to check in with a boss. Your final freedom is in YOUR hands. You’ve become the type of person who can generate wealth from thin air.


Refusing to settle,


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