Refusing to Settle

Today we're looking at Gary Vaynerchuk and his take on money vs happiness. What does Gary Vee think about money and happiness? Check out this video and drop a comment with your biggest takeaway or something you want to add!

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One of the most celebrated entrepreneurs of our generation. With an immigrant background working in dad’s wine store and going all in social media while others laugh and judge - he’s a thought leader and arguably the biggest influencer for up & coming, millennial entrepreneurs. Author of best-selling books like CRUSH IT, CRUSHING IT, and JAB JAB JAB RIGHT HOOK And whether you love his over the top energy or think it’s too much at times, the one thing you can’t deny is this: he’s got a god given gift to motivate and PUMP YOU THE FUCK UP. But what I think is really undervalued about Gary Vee is his take on money and happiness. This is where I absolutely love and listen to Gary’s every word. So in this video, we’re going to be looking at 3 key lessons from Gary Vaynerchuck and what he has to say about the topic of money and happiness.



Refusing to settle,


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