Refusing to Settle

Think about this: If we go to Amazon right now there are thousands of books in the “business space” — all giving you DIFFERENT conflicting advice.

If we go to University there are professors teaching from the stage who if they were so good at business, they’d be running one! And if we go to instagram there are COUNTLESS “business coaches” selling “business coaching” who haven’t made 6 figures doing anything else… besides coaching coaches how to coach coaches! Does anyone see the madness?

Not a fan of reading? Join Audible and get two free audiobooks! ❌📚 Now I'm not saying I’m the richest or flashiest Entrepreneur. You won’t see me driving Lambos and flexing Rolex - but I’ve done this full time now for past 5-years. Most proud of how I’ve done it, authentic hustle and staying true, not slimy - invest tens of thousands into courses, coaching, seminars, masterminds… but best insights have come from BOOKS! The more you learn the more you earn. So in this video, we’re looking at the 10 BEST books for entrepreneurs and I’ll also give you my BIGGEST take away from each. Not just gonna be another list. I hope to change your mind in this video about something or new perspective you can use TODAY save you time and money. If I do, comment it below and help others!

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Refusing to settle,


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