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Welcome to Refusing to Settle. This is the one and only show designed to give you the shortcuts towards earning your freedom. Today I’m joined by Jason Capital - who went from BROKE TO MILLIONAIRE in only 9 months when he was 24 years old.

By age 29 did over $40 Million Dollars in digital marketing online. Teaching people how to replace “Rat Race Income” with “Laptop Income” - Which lead Jason to be named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs recognized by Whitehouse.

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In this exclusive sit-down Interview with Jason Capital we get into: - Why Jason QUIT the dating industry - What it means to be a "High Status" man - How to Have more confidence without faking it - Jason Capital's BEST advice for hitting your first $10k/month - When it's time to quit and how to do so... - and much, much more With every episode, our goal is to remove the fluff/smoke in mirrors around entrepreneurship, success, finances, self-development and ONLY give you clear & actionable steps - gold nugget takeaways to help you earn more money and achieve more happiness. A life where you can refuse to settle for a 9 to 5 and you can live life on your terms. Before we get into that I want to remind you that this podcast is FREE. For you. We just ask that you give back by in one way. That is sharing this with others. If you’re getting value for yourself. Help us help others get on the path to a life where they can refuse to settle. It can be text, email, social media app — Take a screenshot Tag us on social media very likely to repost it.

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