Refusing to Settle

Bill Gates: He’s the poster boy for ultimate success, wealth, philanthropy. Moreover, he’s a billionaire founder of Microsoft and you could easily make a case for being the most successful man of last 100 years. He’s worth over $100B - makes around $33M per DAY at the time of recording this! or $22k per HOUR! Get this: If he drops a $100 would cost him more to bend over and pick up that bill (no pun intended) But he didn’t get here on luck alone. How is it that he has the same 24-hours we do, yet built most successful companies on planet earth? If you know anything about Bill Gates (or you've seen the new Netflix series "Inside Bill's Brain") you’ll find he’s extremely meticulous about the use of his time and HATES wasting it. Has multiple schedulers, personal assistants — all responsible for ONE thing. His TIME. So in this video, you’re gonna get his BEST 7 tips for time management now. You can apply these in your life to maximize those 24-hours. Even just one or two of these have the potential to save you WEEKS of wasted time over course of a couple years. Looking to read more books like bill gates? Check out these "30 Books to Read Before 30" here now. It's free, for you ► Follow Me On Instagram: @clarkkegley



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Refusing to settle,


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