Refusing to Settle

This is my embarrassing true story about getting addicted to vaping. My goal with this video is to help people that are done juuling/vaping. You want to quit but don’t know how. Or have thought about it. If you’re content with your juul habit and love it, skip this video now. I also don’t want to come off as your nagging mom or some dude scaring you straight prison mike! Just a normal dude who let addiction get out of control that could possible kill you. Follow Me On Instagram: @clarkkegley NTOE: know there’s gonna be critiques out there in comments right now. YES i’m aware of the fake CBD pods, and VIT E acute, diethyl — NOT the point of this video. And honestly if you’re using those to justify JUULING I’d argue you’re MORE addicted cause justification of bad habits is huge sign of it. BEST 5 TIPS HOW TO QUIT:

1. 100% WHY: STORY: Guy I knew who quit drinking after 20 years. Bottle of Even Williams in morning, and night. Had to hide the second from him. Finally quit and said enough — went blind for 3 days! Cold turkey. I was talking to him this weekend about quitting and addictions and asked him if it’s hard or whatever he said “HELL NO” — clark, 99% is hard. if there’s 1% in you that’s like “maybe today I’ll JUUL” you’re gonna cave. But 100% is a breeze and 99% is a B****. YOU HAVE TO BE 100%

2. PAIN VS PLEASUER: How to get to 100%? Understand this concept everything changes: two ways to motivate a donkey: cart and stick. PART A) Humans are hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. PART B) You will work MUCH harder NOT to lose something than you will to gain something. Write down what this habit is COSTING you. When I did this: PAIN of Hospital bed, death itself, money costing, shame of sneaking away from business conferences, bad example for kids and I talk about self development, FEAR of not knowing what’s in them // long term effects

3. GUM: Habits hardest part! Nicotine —- started chewing n gum. 4mg at about 5 pieces a day. Now at 2mg at about 5 pieces a day. Tapering down from there. Was actually really…. easy? Health effects of Nicotine aren’t too bad (kinda like caffeine) but it’s HIGHLY addictive and causes anxiety. DO NOT START. But much better to just take nicotine than to juul or smoke cigs.

4. IDENTITY: Two most powerful words in language? “ I AM “ Switch your identity from “a smoker” to a NON vaper. Don’t have to get evangelical with it.

5. RESEARCH: LOTS of it! The more articles about death and danger you read the MORE likely you are to quit. That’s scary stuff. Reading an investing book. Talked about warren buffet and big hedge fund managers. They say the MOST DANGEROUS 4 WORDS: “This time it’s different” “It will never happen to me” — garbage!



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Refusing to settle,