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Welcome to Refusing to Settle Show. This is the one and only show designed to give you the shortcuts towards earning your freedom. Today I’m joined by Brandon Carter - King Keto and you’re gonna hear how he went from military school and coming up in Southside of Chicago where wasn’t a lot of hope… to a hyper-successful professional fitness model (Big brands you’ve heard of like Nike, Puma, Men’s Health) - an how he turned that into a seven-figure fitness business, and YouTube channel with over 750k subs. Before that, I want to remind you that this show is FREE. For you. We just ask that you give back in one way. That is sharing this with others. If you’re getting value for yourself. Help us help others get on the path to a life where they can refuse to settle. Leave a comment with your biggest takeaway below — or share this with others It can be text, email, social media app — Take a screenshot Tag us on social media very likely to repost it. Also, Brandon hooked all of you watching Refusing to Settle with his NEW book “Online Trainer Secrets” - The Proven Step by Step Guide to building a massively successful online fitness business in 12 weeks or less — using this link ► Without further ado please welcome King Keto, Professional Fitness model, and seven-figure marketer Brandon Carter. Miss an episode of the Refusing To Settle Show? You can watch them all here ►

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Refusing to settle,


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Refusing to settle,


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