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Welcome back to the Saturday Strategy series on Refusing to Settle! Miss an episode? Watch this playlist next ▸ Saturday Strategy | In this video, we're going to talk about how to plan a productive week in less than 30-minutes. These are productivity strategies to get more done in less time!

That's how I start every video. I got to ask you a very serious question before I show you some cool stuff right here. I drew up for you. That question is, are you winging it? Are you just going about the week? Just ah, yeah. We'll just see what happens. Are you going about your days without structure? Are you going about your month? Are you going about your life without any structure? I know that sounds a little dramatic, but most people are and even if you think that you're planning a lot, I'm going to show you in this video how you can plan your perfect week so you can remove all the stress of what you should be doing and get into what actually matters. This is Clark with Refusing to settle .

Welcome back to Saturday strategy. This is the first official one where we give you a strategy, more tactical, analytical stuff that you can apply in your life and get stuff done. Man. Today we're talking about how to plan your perfect week and I'm proud of this. I can't wait to show you some of this. We're going to talk about some big ideas here and ask you if you're drunk promise to go over that can affect your productivity by 40% so by the end of this video, you should have a clear plan of two or three different methods that I've used over the years and I'll tell you which one I'm using now to plan your week and everyone over complicates this. Okay? It comes down to your most important tasks, which we're going to talk about. Now. Look, I used to be someone who's like experimented with being really rigid.

Like if I don't have a five hour morning routine and you know, cold shower, meditate, debriefing, smoothie workout, then I can't do my day till I realized all of that was just a distraction. When you simplify it, you strip it away, you actually get more done with less work. Let's go back to the question. Are you winging it? We opened it with, this is Michael Phelps winging it. Our pro athletes winning it, our pro basketball players winging it. No, they have a plan. They have training regimens. They show up. They put an effort and that's why they're the best in the world. They have discipline beyond it. Does Michael Phelps just wing it like when he gets in the pool? No, he's rituals and stuff. We'll talk about in this video. It's like, honestly, we got to ask ourselves, are we just winging it and if we want to be a professional, we want that professional level performance.

Okay, you want to be a pro, you want to be the world's best. You want to make money, you want to crush it. Then you need this video, this perfect week. Here's the problem with how most people go about their day and excuse the candid set up here. Apparently I wasn't lazy because I drew some really good pictures for you, but I was too lazy to set up the shot to make this really all in one anyway. Most people plan their day like this. They say, okay, here's the 20% that gives me 80% of the results. You know that right? The parade of distribution that if you look at your closet, 20% of the shirts, like you probably see in videos, right? 20% of clothes get 80% of the, where 80% of the traffic is on 20% of the roads. 20% of your friends give you 80% of your happiness, and if we're really honest, 20% of your actions are giving you 80% of the money and the results.

Okay, so we've got to identify that in this video. What are your high value tasks? What's that 20% that only you can do and everything else is almost irrelevant. Sometimes it's important, but it's not like the needle mover, which we'll talk about, okay, so this is how most people plan their day. They do everything else right here and then they only do that little 20% just 20% right there. This is how the pros do it. The pro athletes that aren't winging it, the pro ducted people, how you're doing, they have everything else here, that 50% and then they focused the other half their time on that 20%. Imagine if you only did the stuff that moves the needle. And I'll give you an example here. Like I'm filming videos. I got a buddy who's filmed every single day for like two years and he's crushing, has over 700,000 subs....

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