Refusing to Settle

Habits control everything you do. So it's fair to say that if you want to change your life, you must FIRST change your habits. This video will show you an easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones. Talking about Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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CAT STUDY: psychologist Edward Thorndike did an experiment on cats placed in a pitch-black box. Each cat did what you’d think — scramble around for minutes and freaking out! Clawing at walls. There was a lever that when the pressed door would open cat eventually found. Thorndike kept doing it to the same cats that escaped successfully. The response was after 20 or 30 times doing this avg cat escape in 6 seconds. It became habitual. Cats learned the power of habits - became conditioned and almost automatic. Saved all the panic of “OH MY GOD GOTTA ESCAPE!” -- Also got what they wanted FASTER with LESS effort: Out

You might be thinking: “Won’t habits make my life dull? Robotic? Where’s the fun/spontaneity/freedom!?” -- It’s the opposite. (i.e. me filming content first thing in the morning vs. stress no schedule have to) - discipline gives you freedom

ACTION // IMPLEMEMT What is ONE habit you KNOW would help you in 2.0 journey? (START DOING) What is ONE habit you KNOW is holding you back at 1.0? (STOP DOING)

THINK ABOUT IT: Winners and losers have the SAME GOALS! Habits are what determines if you WIN or LOSE — NOT goals!

THE GOAL IS NOT TO read one book BUT TO become a reader THE GOAL IS NOT TO make $1M dollars BUT TO become financially free THE GOAL IS NOT TO workout daily BUT TO become someone at 10% body fat

Dopamine Addiction 1954 two neuroscientists ran an experiment testing desire - used electrodes that blocked the release of dopamine in rats… what happened? Less motivated? Lazy? Fat? WORSE! They DIED. NO desire to eat, drink, reproduce, or do anything else — died of thirst. All of them. Habits are wired into us ALL leading to one thing: avoiding pain and seeking pleasure!

Refusing to settle,


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