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Let me ask you something: No judgment here. but can you honestly say you’ve applied what you learned in the last book you’ve read?

On a scale of 1 being nothing and 10 being cover to cover application?

Mental Masturbation is when you get off on ideas.

It’s undeniable. There’s a TOTAL rush from learning. Get it from reading and figuring things out. Feels GOOD. Get so amped up.
Then… move on to next book. Next seminar. Next Ted talk. Next Online Course.

These are also called "Success Fantasies"
Every guru tells you to DREAM BIG (LOA)
“ONE DAY” is the daydream

FANTASY: Business “ONE DAY” I’ll start — passive income — beach pina colada.
REALITY: Takes startup time — everything sounds easier when you’re listing to someone talk about it. Like in class vs. a real test. Like practice vs. actual game. Like alone practice drums vs. on stage in front of 4k people.

SOLVE: Kid going through my VBA course — posted in facebook group about how he’s going to do xyz - ALL plans - I stopped him. Forbid him from watching another single video until he took action today. Film FIRST video. EVERYTHING else in the course will become so clear once you have that video. You start to see things differently

FANTASY Health: Ran a podcast for 3 years. Emails so detailed asking minute questions. “ONE DAY” I’ll get in shape when I know enough. People trying to LEARN health and make it perfect.

REALITY Getting healthy and making changes sucks. Long process. Started, they would LOSE the fantasy daydream about getting in shape. See the p90X infomercials and get PUMPED by picturing yourself there. Me too!

SOLVE Ditch the fantasy. Start applying what you know. What do you know that you honestly aren’t doing?

see you tomorrow!

stop settling start living

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