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the job that’s not fulfilling, the dream you’ve been working on, the relationship you’re questioning its direction…. today we're talking about how to know the difference of when to quit vs. when to keep going.

This could be a whole book….
If you do any type of creative work, an entrepreneur, or want to go for something BIG — you’re going to run into this: when is it time to stick at something vs. when is it time to quit and move on.

cliches float on romanticizing persistence! “quitters never win and winners never quit” or “follow your bliss”

But when you boil it down, the two main narratives conflict:
A) ALL ABOUT Persistence! (Hustle and grind)
B) Follow Your Passion! (fulfilling work, follow your dreams, it will happen)

There they were, sitting in the back of my closet. The $200 pair of jeans I bought a year ago, ripped down the middle yet couldn’t throw out. Why? I paid $200 for them! — economists would call it the “sunk cost fallacy” - I call it being stubborn.

Sunk costs are everywhere: and y they’re affecting you more than you know.

But what if passion… isn’t working?

What if… you burn out and start to resent it? What if… you feel like moving on but feel like you’ve put too much into it

Enter: "The Dip."

The Dip is a concept from Seth Godin.

Things that are valuable… are HARD! That’s what makes them scarce.
With hard work comes low points, or, “the dip”

Easy to start things — who isn’t having fun!?
Hard to finish things — hit the dip and push past it?
e.g. becoming Navy Seal — brutal BUDS training — who’s gonna ring the bell?
e.g. becoming Doctor — organic chemistry college pre-med weed out class.
e.g. million dollar business — quit when not seeing results? jump ship? shiny object?


1. QUIT SOON: It doesn’t make sense to start something if you’re going to quit! Why waste your time? e.g. seen/been in a relationship w/ someone you KNEW wouldn’t work out? What are they (you) doing? — The opportunity cost of staying in something: missing out on other things that could be working! The opportunity cost of meeting someone you could be perfect with!

2. KNOW THE Difference! The Dip vs. Dead End? Some people I get emails from with 50 videos… can just tell. They’re gonna make it! Passion in them, keep improving, pay for education, seek out feedback. Everyone get’s discouraged. Then other people, have 500 videos… 50+ views. NO ONE is listening. Been doing it for YEARS.
Listen to me very closely, doing the RIGHT things at the WRONG time is the same as doing the WRONG THING!
Doing unimportant things well does NOT make them important.

3 Questions:

1.Is this growing? (i.e. all numbers in green)(e.g Amazon kept getting customers year after year. Look for “Forward Motion”)

2. Have others done this? (i.e. model business. success leaves clues)

3. What Advice Would I Give Someone Else in my exact same situation? (dispassionate objective look at your situation. What would the most honest person you know say about it?)

stop settling start living

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Go out there and crush this!


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