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Is college a scam? Should you go to college? What are the pros and cons of going to college vs dropping out? In this video, we’re going to break down step by step if you should go to college or ditch it all together!

Got an email I’ve actually received multiple times from different people — just of it is saying should you go to college? is it a scam? is it a waste of money?

TWO Things before we break down everything about yes or no college:

First thing I’ll say: most of the people online giving the classic “drop out of college advice” saying drop out of college, they’ve never been —easy to have ANTI-establishment view/etc. I’ve actually BEEN to college, I’ve graduated, I had an RA job where I was on floor counselor for freshmen/sophomores — many struggled with this and a few even dropped out! I have mixed feeing still….


Here Are The Facts:
65% Americans have college debt
total credit debt isn’t as much as total college debt!
adjusted for inflation: gone up 300% over past couple decades!
No longer a simple yes or no answer anymore —I’M NOT GIVING ANY ANSWERS Individual decision, here are some thoughts. Hope the resonate with you.

Other Notes
False choice: A or B — try to choose C
Why is it COLLEGE or DREAMS? Either way, you go, you’ll have resentment towards yourself, your job, something that you didn’t choose the other.
The best option is the one that creates MORE options.
My take: YES! should you go to college? YES! should you pursue your dreams YES!
Collect experiences!
The real benefit of college for me: Gave me time. Exploration — without judging myself if I made the right choice. Confidence that I was doing something let me pursue other “backup plans” so to speak and those panned out to be what I’m doing now.

Note on The Debt:
Debt that constricts freedom — even heard people calling college a conspiracy! In fashion to shit on college and be “rebel” not a “SLAVE” to the system. I came out 20k in debt — $$235/mo for seven years. Sucks, but it’s not unlivable. Do side incomes that can pay $235 a month. Don’t have to pay for 6 months after.

“Successful People Dropped Out”:
“Bill Gates and Mark Z dropped out” — look at those two. TWO people out of how many? They dropped out of HARVARD. Not some state school. MZ didn’t drop out to START facebook, they started it in college then once it was so successful, made the call to do it full time.

Tim Ferriss interview: Everyone he meets who didn’t go to college or finish college carries that insecurity with them in some way.

Straight Answer tl;dr
YES — paid for, specific job, unsure
NO — self-fund, FOMO, unsure

Stop settling start living

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