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Here's the second episode on the Top 40 List!

As you know, I'm HUGE on mindset. Each month I'll be going solo to bring you some of the biggest / most impactful / personal development ideas and practices. I hope you get something out of this week's session as I go through my top 8 things I learned about Business & Passion in 2012. 

Success leaves clues. Why take one new massive goals when you haven’t even reflected upon this past year’s success? I guess that’s why I’ve never been good nor seen the point with “New Years Resolutions”. If you want to replicate ANY form of success, you need to REFLECT on WHY and HOW you were successful. It is for this reason I feel that it’s much more important to reflect upon what you’ve learned over the past year. It’s in the reflection that we are reminded of life’s lessons.

As always: can’t WAIT to hear your feedback at the end! Which lessons did you connect with? Where in your life did you experience something similar?

Real quick: I’d also like to note that I’m in no way trying to sound preachy. These are as much reminders for myself to look back on throughout the years as they are to you! May we all get something out of these!


Top 8 Things I Learned About: Passion / Business

9. ABSOLUTE ABS Launching a business / product is HARRRDD! SHIT! I had no idea how much time / effort this would all be. Hiring a programmer, web developer, online banker, videographer, producer, camera man (YOU’RE MY MAN HARRY!), Film editor, graphic designer, AND writing / creating the program. WHEW! Glad that’s done! HOWEVER! SO thankful that I’ve learned how to do it all so I can be better prepared for the next products! Thanks for the support on Absolute Abs guys! (had to plug it).

10. TWO ULTIMATE RESOURCES Time and money. Ultimately, you’re time is more valuable. You have to choose which one of the two you want to spend. The other will suffer. Spending all those hours editing / producing Absolute Abs saved me thousands, however my whole summer was spent a slave to Final Cut Pro!

11. DHARMA This one could go in any category really. Dharma a concept I ripped of Deepak Chopra’s must read: “The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success”. The seventh law is the law of Dharma. Basically Dharma is a concept that we are ALL put here for a unique purpose. The “Universe” or “God” or “Creator” (whatever you want to label it) NEVER duplicates. Each and every one of us were given unique talents / gifts. By not fully using those gifts or fully expressing yourself you do a disservice to yourself, but more importantly everyone else who could of benefited from them! My English teacher would kill me for that run on sentence, but you get the point! Dharma. Powerful stuff!

12. EVERYTHING IS CREATED TWICE. Once in your mind, and once in reality! This is the concept of blueprinting! We gotta give ourselves permission to dream big and think even bigger! Once you’ve created something in your mind, all that’s left is to get a M.A.P. or “Massive Action Plan.” Take action and manifest that blueprint into a reality! Dream it up peeps!

13. EARN A DEGREE IN G.S.D: GET SHIT DONE Sometimes you just need a degree in G.S.D or “Getting Shit Done!” Turn the distractions off, lock yourself down, and make a to-do list. GSD! Oh and shout out to my roommate / best friend Harry with this one!

14. OUTSOURCE If you want to be a millionaire, then you need to stop doing $10/hour tasks! Word. Sri Lanka does great work as does South Africa! has saved me SO MUCH MONEY. Tim Ferris thought me this one for sure. Not just in business, but in every area of your life. There’s only so much time that we have. What’s the 5% of things that you and ONLY you can do? Do them and outsource the rest.

15. START & STOP “What’s the #1 thing you should START doing. What’s the #1 thing you should STOP doing?” Hands down, one of the BEST questions I ask myself whenever I’m feeling off-task or off-centered. It’s not surprising at all how many times the answer has been some form of social media…. What a time-eater facebook is, good God!

16. GIVE GIVE GIVE I said it last year, but it’s worth repeating. THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING

Thanks for the support guys!

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