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The myth of passive income - have you been lied to? In this video, we’re talking about the big fat lie of passive income Lot’s have followed this journey together. Just struggling online, down and out, ready to quit, snapping into refuser mode and going for it - building this channel and business from scratch to this year six-figure business. In one of MOST competitive spaces, self-improvement. lots of you on this channel identify as future millionaires. don’t want to settle - you want the BEST life you can live. Know freedom gets you there


1. HUSSLE: Saying go after passive income for freedom is like you want a kid for more freedom — beginning stages change diapers and pick up spit up. Not glamours Instagram page with private jets. That’s the TOP - think about it, kind of like musical being discouraged from day one not selling out arenas.

2. (VOLITILITY) SELF : Take lack of results as you’re not good enough, self-worth in quantifiable metrics. B. OTHER : Government (net neutrality) or Google or Facebook SLAPS

3. PATIENCE: Does NOT happen overnight. Most people say that’s bullshit. AND that’s not what it’s about. It’s about who you need to become to make passive income. Like a kid who grew up with money super spoiled. You don’t want to turn out like that.

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Saturday Strategy: Know Your Strengths DO THIS BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER: Need you to play a little game have some fun here. Look at the signature strengths in this description or my comment below. Write a comment with what you think your top 5 strengths from this list are - read them and try to think what five make up you. Pause this video now and do that. Meet you back here after this sick intro.

list of the 24 signature strengths:

creativity, curiosity, judgment,  love of learning,  perspective bravery,  perseverance,  honesty,  zest love,  kindness,  social intelligence teamwork,  fairness,  leadership forgiveness,  humility,  prudence,  self-regulation appreciation of beauty and excellence,  gratitude,  hope,  humor,  spirituality

► 24 Signature Strengths Test: Hey, Refusers! Clark Kegley with back with another Saturday strategy short — give you a big idea to apply this weekend and make your life better! Talk about something today that isn’t a tactic or 5 things you need to do, it’s more internal focused and less output focused. Talk about something called your signature strengths. But first a little background on this: Martin Seligman is kind of the grandfather of positive psychology. He said we were good at making depressed people to normal levels, but we sucked at making normal people to higher levels. What makes people happy? Spent his whole life studying this. Distilled it down into one sentence: KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS AND USE THEM OFTEN Think about when you’re really good at something. Doesn’t it feel awesome? Say you’re really good at a sport - best member on team feels great. Member in a band that crushes, or at a job good team player - why does it feel so good? It’s because of how people VIEW you. You need to view yourself this way. As “GOOD” at what you do in life. Easiest way is to know what you’re good at. This is where signature strengths come into play. Go to and get your free assessment. I think it’s around 250 questions about life and at the end you get a rank order of your strengths - look at top 5 out of 25. Write these in your journal. Ask yourself: How can i use my strengths every day? Ask yourself: How can i use my strengths in service to the world? Post comment with your signature strengths are


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Types of Rich - How To Get Rich Without Dying Trying Hey Refusers! Today we have a very special video. My good friend, Gavin Stevenson from Wake Up Fulfilled is coming on to talk about the TWO types of rich. These are things that you might not think about when you want to become rich, yet still, matter. Also, I posted a video on Gavin's channel today. It's about how I accidentally manifested becoming a rockstar.

You can check it out here:

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If there’s one thing all successful people have, billionaires, millionaires, Olympians, politicians, you name them they have this… intense extreme discipline. And in this video I want to walk through 3 unique ways to gain more self-discipline in your life.

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Hey Refusers, Clark back from You’re on this channel because you want to improve every area of your life, right? You are someone who refuses to settle for average - you want what’s possible because you have faith in yourself and your abilities to achieve it! Good, keep watching. The ONE thing you’ll need on your journey is the ONLY thing that will stop you — Self Discipline. Think about it. What don’t you need discipline for? Only thing I can think of are things that probably won't make you happy, rich, or satisfied in the long run. Today we’re talking about how you can frame it to get more. Isn’t this boring? Why do I want this, Clark?

Discipline equals freedom Jacko Willinks — Everything you want is on the other side of discipline FREEDOM of nice body at beach = DISCIPLINE to stick at health FREEDOM of money and abundance = DISCIPLINE to not spend everything FREEDOM of relationship and love = DISCIPLINE to commit and go all in w/ person FREEDOM of great future = DISCIPLINE to sacrifice short term pleasure QUOTE: “Entrepreneurs do the things others wont, so they can have the freedom and lifestyle that others don’t.”

Most people in life DON’T even think about discipline. You’re already above average. But here are the 3 things because we all struggle from time to time with this or low motivation - on how to maximize your self discipline.

1. USE the STICK You will work much harder NOT TO LOSE something, than to gain something. i.e. most people would never go to Vegas and bet house all on black to double money. EVEN if it were 50/50 odds the risk of loss is too great. twoards pleasure or away from pain - how we are wired as humans. What is the PAIN you will feel by NOT taking action? Tap into this! ex: what you’re seeing right now — publicly declare 50 for 50 challenge. EVERY day till new years. pretty easy to tell if I miss a day or skip out. How can YOU leverage the stick in your life? Make it HURT. Make it MATTER. Make it HAPPEN

2. USE THE CARROT See it going RIGHT How will your life look 5-years from now if you do things you say you’re gonna do? How will your body look? How will your bank account look? How will your house/lifestyle look? How will other’s treat you? Recommended: Vision Board video - DO this!

3. MOST IMPORTANT THING STORY: I was in college when I became obsessed with personal development. Changed every area of my life. But I was so rigid, I’d track everything. It NEEDED to have a checkbox next to it or it didn’t count. Remember having a daily to-do list that looked like a costco receipt. GYM ROUTINE, Morning ritual for 1hr, meditation two times daily, hangout with girlfriend (she hated this one). I BURNT OUT — TOO many things and changes at once. Don’t do this. LESSON: Commit to ONE area - what’s the single most important thing right now? Use all your willpower here. Willpower is not on will-call. It get’s used up just like energy ATP in the gym. Can’t train all body parts in one day to the intensity you can over one week. As you leave this video, comment below with your A) Area (health, wealth, relationship, self growth) and B) Your goal that you WILL be disciplined in. I’m going to post an update video within 6-months and remind you to come back here and check on your comment to see if you did what you said. Should be fun!

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Maybe you don’t have the time to read 100 books people throw your way. Maybe get overwhelmed with all the options. In this video, I’ll give you my top 5 book recommendations that if you’re on this channel could change your life in 2018!

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5 life-changing books you need to read in 2018

1. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

T. Harv Ecker BIG IDEA: Our biggest need is the need for our actions to match our self-image. However, we view ourselves becomes our reality. If you want to become a millionaire, you need to view yourself 100% as one. Most people do not - they grow up hearing saying like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “money is the root of all evil.” We then wonder why we don’t have any or if we get it, the money always disappears. It’s because we have conflicting identities of who we are when it comes to wealth. Get “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” here:

2. Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson This book was a game changer. Might be the best book I’VE read in five years. Hit JUST the right sport for where I’m at with my business. The fact is most of us have a hard time identifying as an expert, yet we want to lead and change the world for better. An Expert is just someone who reads one chapter ahead. An Expert takes on the identity of an Attractive Character - presents him/herself in a way that’s marketable to an audience. An Expert creates a CULT-ture and identity around their movement. Get “Expert Secrets” for FREE here: Get a 14-day free trial to Clickfunnels here:

3. My journal

Yours Truly Feels kind of silly to put this one on here, but whatever. I still believe the single BEST book you will ever read is the one you make for yourself. It’s completely custom to you. Whatever lessons stick out, you put in here. It’s a way you can coach yourself. nearly everyone who’s successful does it as well. Get “MyBestJournal” here:

4. I will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi I read this book in the back of a tour bus. Got up at like, 11AM (which is 5AM rockstar time) and would read this for 2-hours a day. REALLY good starting place for anyone in the 20s or 30s to get into investing, financial planning, and not be bored to death or overwhelmed with all the info our there. Get “I Will Teach You to be Rich” here:

5. Screw it, Let’s do it

Richard Branson Love the stories in here. Very short Saturday morning read. I think it’s around 100 pages. One of my favorite ways to get motivated to THINK BIG is to read about successful people and how they go there. Richard Branson had a hell of a time building Virgin into the multi-billion dollar behemoth it is today. This book will leave you saying Screw it, Let’s Do It! Get “Screw it, Let’s do it” here:

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How to Invest in Bitcoin for Beginners | My Easy Bitcoin Investing Strategy (Cryptocurrency PT. 2)

My Strategy to Get Into This Crazy (Bubble?) Market

3 Rules PRE Investing:

RULE NUMBER ONE: Do NOT invest money you DO NOT have! Hear stories about people scrambling to get into bitcoin. Loans on credit cards! Selling house. DON’T DO THAT. Watching a video by Financial Education — said 3% of Google searches are about “how to invest in bitcoin with a credit card” — SCARY STUFF!

RULE NUMBER TWO: Do NOT listen to people screaming “The Sky is Falling" chicken little.

RULE NUMBER THREE: Take the smart approach in middle. How I approach investing and it’s worked well with stocks. Not as much money as I could of made, but who knows - maybe lost lots of money because trying to be too aggressive!


Download CB app: ► Get $10 FREE when you invest $100 with Coinbase:

1. Watch the market for a week before you do anything.

2. Dollar cost average — MOST IMPORTANT THING. Ride the average of the market. I am doing $350 into every 3 cryptos every month. Could do $87.5/wk but they take $5/trade. Up to you how you want to do this!

3. Diversify w/ crypto. I own all three in equal amounts. (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum)

4. “Vegas Money” - only what you are willing to lose. If I had to choose between selling stock or selling bitcoin, definitely 156% chance I’m selling my bitcoins. First to go.

stop settling start living


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Should You Invest In Bitcoin now? Cryptocurrency (PT 1) Here is my personal investment strategy to get into this crazy market during this time. You’ve probably been hearing about a thing called Bitcoin. You’re wondering if it’s too late. Might be kicking yourself because you didn’t invest. See it hit over $18,000 where just a year ago it was worth around $800. That means it grew almost +2,000% ROI! AHHH! If only got in on the ground floor right? Well - I’m in the exact same boat. So in this video, I’m going to walk you inside my portfolio and talk about why I bought bitcoin and how it’s NOT too late to get started. Hey refusers, Clark back from Welcome to Money Monday series where we talk about how to break money habits of past, make more in the present so you have freedom in your future. My goal with this channel is to document the process with you. Becoming a millionaire, building this business, living out dream life. Before today’s video: ALWAYS check with a professional before making any moves with your money. I am NOT a certified financial expert and NOT giving professional advice. There is ALWAYS risk with any investment, so please do your own homework and own research. Today’s VIDEO: Bitcoin 101 — PT. 1 WHY & WHAT is Bitcoin, TOMORROW release PT 2. HOW to invest in Bitcoin (inside my computer)

bitcoin 101:

Cryptocurrency — think of it like money you can exchange with people without borders. Anywhere in the world, it’s worth the same value. Big 3: Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin Non regulated by gov or banks. (talk about this in a second) The University of Cambridge estimates around 3-6M people are using Cryptocurrency wallets Capped currency — think around 21 Million (heard they raised to 28) Can’t create more than this. That’s good because holds (some form of) value (unlike printed money with inflation) Retailers accepting it now more and more: Microsoft, PayPal, Dell, and Newegg


STIGMA: used on silk road back in the day. Drugs, illegal stuff BANS: China is trying to ban them VOLATILITY - just saw it go +2,000% this year alone. ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Criticized for the amount of energy it takes to “mine” a bitcoin.

► Get $10 FREE when you invest $100 with Coinbase:

4 Biggest Bitcoin MYTHS:

MYTH 1: (Depends on your view here) “Bitcoin is a currency” — I view it as an asset. I’m not in it to SPEND bitcoin. I’m in it to hold and make money. I don’t day trade. I don’t try to time the market. Just like I invest in stocks. Just like I have Apple, Netflix, Facebook, I’m not spending those stocks - holding them until I decide I want to exit.

MYTH 2: Need to buy whole coin ($14k) so I can’t invest. ONE bitcoin can be divided into 100 million parts. Just like shares of stock - buy a share of bitcoin!

MYTH 3: It’s Too Late: how would that work with life? relationships? health?

MYTH 4: TOO Risky — So is money. Look at Zimbabwe and hyperinflation. In Cambodia I was there they use USD! Trust in our government over theirs. The point here is that ANY currency has a risk. Goes up and down. NON is safe. ALL currency is just a form of trust that it’s worth something. Only a question of who are you gonna put that trust into? Tomorrow: going to look at my investment strategy.

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The Mentor myth - how to get a mentor. So i got a question in our FB group went like this — NOT calling you out because I know this wasn’t what you were asking it, it’s a fine question. Go on a rant today everybody needs to hear. The myth of “finding a mentor” Seems that since the Tai Lopez ad the term “mentor” has been floating in self-development entrepreneur space online as if it’s a MUST. And most people have it totally wrong. I’m fortunate enough at this stage to interact with thousands of you from all parts of the world. LOTS of emails, DMs, Messages, comments — I start to notice patterns. One HUGE pattern that’s killing a lot of people’s success: The MYTH of a mentor. Whose permission do you need? Don’t need anybody’s permission to have them mentor you Mentorship isn’t some formal event where you sit 1 on 1 and they tell you what you need to do better. Weekly check-ins and progress reports. Mentorship can be ANYTHING. My mentors: Tony Robbins taught me about life and speaking with passion, Russell Brunson teaching about sales and funnels Ramit Sethi taught me about online courses and killer content Tim Ferris helped me explore ideas and taught me how to question better Sean Croxton taught me business and podcasting why people really want a mentor ALSO: another thing I realized: what 80% of people are asking is “Do the work for me” It’s a lazy excuse — same people are ones who complain saying “mentors are too hard to find. I can’t get mentored by anyone so that’s why i’m not successful.” It’s completely backward. The reason you’re not successful is that you’re spending time LOOKING for mentors!! Don’t rely on anybody else to make you successful WRITE YOURS DOWN who are your mentors in your life? don’t have any? CHOOSE THEM! Study them! Buy their products, get on their email lists, look at who they follow, read the books they recommend, listen to podcasts they talk about, etc. stop

settling start living


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Some thoughts from back on the farm life :)

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6 Myths they didn’t tell you about being an entrepreneur. For the self-employed, work from home, or those who want to make money online

You’re watching this right now I’m willing to bet it’s for one of two reasons: 1. You have a business 2. You want to start a business. If so you can’t afford to miss what I’ll share in this video. I’m walking you through the 6 BIGGEST myths no one tells you about being a self-employed entrepreneur.

I’ve been self-employed for the past five years. Freelancer gigs, self-employed, coaching, consulting, product development, touring musician, etc. Only last year was my first six-figure year — ecstatic. Feels awesome. If you’re watching this it’s what you aspire to. The big 6-figure per year income. Well not so fast. Here are 6 BIG myths you won’t know until you get here about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Be sure you listen for all six of these because missing one could literally cost you years of stress and worry.

1. taxes

STORY: Sitting in the dorm room (PH freelancer gig) found out I had to pay taxes of $2k. Sick to my stomach! Reality check. look into by the quarter. health insurance No 401k/bonus saving/ benefits I use QAPITAL App: save freelancer rule to deduct 25% tax bracket:

2. Work 24/7

STORY: Traveling on road, the stress of not being able to upload to wifi. Checking in email constantly. Impossible to turn off always going through head TIP: Delete GMAIL from phone. TIP: Don’t shit where you eat

3. rush when things go right

STORY: Made $14k one month! Checks from CB hanging on my wall. Looking at what you built — NO better satisfaction. QUOTE: If you want to be a leader you have to take the blame…. FLIP THAT: If you want the CREDIT you have to risk it.

4. no built-in schedule

CON: Starting out — why do you start a business? FREEDOM. Kind of like saying you want a baby for freedom. They’ll take care of you one day.. but at first have to put in ALL training, work, late nights, etc.

5. no one to blame


no co-workers

no boss

no deadlines


6. isolation

no co-workers

family/friends can’t relate to lifestyle


stop settling start living


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. Let's talk about the lazy way to make money online: affiliate marketing! ► Free YouTube Passive Income Course:

PROOF: $2,215 from plugin I use (yr) $2,325 from music I use (yr) $5,900 from Qapital app I use (6mo) TOTAL: $

1. WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING? Lazy method because YOU don’t create the product. You promote the product. LOTS of creators are not good promoters. Or understand that building an audience requires work and is valuable, so they give you a cut or commission for each unit you sell

2. WHO DOES AFFILIATE MARKETING? Oprah Casey Neistat Insert favorite youtube star — ALL Use it!

3. WHY DO THIS WIN for you WIN for customer WIN for company

3. HOW TO DO THIS Give CONTENT — not all pitch DO it OFTEN — don’t condition subscribers or list that it’s all free NEVER pitching anything. It’s not a NEGATIVE thing to sell products you believe in. You have a moral obligation to get it in the hands of as many people as possible if it can help them! Organifi promo — Not the best route. Completely direct. Not a whole lot of content.

How I saved Money — way better with Qapital. Case study video. Show them, don’t tell them.


i.e. Social Bluebook

i.e. Companies who reach out to you

Like this video?

In my free course, I go into lots more training like this. You NEED an audience to promote things to. Build it up over time. Create the content you just saw how to do. Can get started DAY ONE creating content but need a way to post it. YouTube (no blog, no podcast, also make money from ads at same time) FREE Course on passive income:  

stop settling start living


Hey Refuers! Clark with another DAILY upload. Woo-hoo - we're flying by.

The goal of these videos is to serve you and inspire you to take on this method of success journal — photos from all around the world. All ages. All incomes. All goals. All journal! Over 550,000 people have SEEN journaling series videos. Emails and photos flooding inbox. Community online of Journal Nerds— walk through five great tips for you in this video on how to keep a journal.

Get the NEW MyBestJournal2.0 Program Here ►


1. This is NOT a diary. Think of it as a success log to coach yourself. Don’t treat it as an area to make problems smaller - your journal is a tool to take your success and make it bigger!

2. Get a sketchbook. blank - no rules. good gear - also helpful (G2/sharpie highlighter)

3. Use Your Front Cover for Self Summary i.e. What are YOUR rules? What do you live by? Constitution for USA, Mission Statement for Business. Use your front cover to list all that sort of stuff. i.e. inspiration, BEST quotes, Power of I AM, Signature Strengths

4. Set Goals in Your Back Cover If you’re not GROWING you’re dying. So many people talk, few people DO. — NY resolutions!? The secret to achieving your goals is to revisit DAILY. Set goals in three areas: WORK/REST/PLAY. Also awesome: look at previous years BIG goals and see what you were working on/BIG goals for that year

5. Frequency ONLY ONE RULE: when you feel like it. don’t force it - a place of inspiration NOT an obligation. Get emails from people who are ashamed they stopped or beat themselves up for missing a week. ALL GOOD! Look at the journal and get AMPED. Only positive feelings with it - don’t ever look and think “I really should…..” once per year - swap out completely even if not full

6. Get GOOD Questions good questions are MAKE or BREAK. upgrade life = upgrade questions you’re asking. I got 30 days of questions in NEW MBJ2.0 30-Day Coaching ends with 2-3 questions. 60-90 of them total!! You can check it out here ►

stop settling start living


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How do you become a superior man? What does that even mean? Can you really live at your edge and discover what you were born to do? Find out in this weeks book review: THE WAY OF THE SUPERIOR MAN (PART II)

Take the best books in personal development, business, finance, psychology, condensing down 300+ pages into ten BIG ideas you can walk away with and take action on.

My most gifted book, EVER. A book I’d recommend every many reads at least ONCE in their life. If you’re a woman - read it! Understand men/ego / unique struggles 100% better (spoken to 4 or 5 different successful women who said it’s changed their relationships completely).


This weeks book Way of the Superior Man. In a world that’s SO P.C. — can’t say anything without getting in an argument or prefacing for 20min before you say your statement (at least in Seattle) this book is a breath of fresh air. You will disagree with 25% LOVE 50% and be left utterly confused by 60% — and wonder why I didn’t pass 3rd-grade math.


THINK ABOUT THIS: Name one thing in life where there isn’t an opposite? Night/day. Monochrome / color Up / down hot / cold east / west moon / sun infinity / zero Can you even name one? The main concept this book is centered around This is what creates ATTRACTION - magnets. Literally polarized. Men and women - masculine and feminine energy

3. You are what you attract like attracts like According to book: 10% couples neural polarity — 10% feminine dude and masculine woman and 80% are masculine dude and feminine woman.

4. disagree: “never change your mind to please your woman” There’s danger in loops and quotes ringing in your head. This book does this, take things lightly. OLD Clark: had this in back of my head playing — wouldn’t apologize because they’ll see that as weakness, never change mind and stay the course, no directions, etc. NEW CLARK: Focus on the 80/20. On the 20% of BIG picture stuff — DON’T LISTEN. Highest goals is up to YOU, not THEM. Small shit, give in! Let he win.

5. stop hoping for your woman to get easier SAME person today, is SAME person of 10-years just a decade older.

6. PRAISE HER FREELY. Men grow through challenge (i.e. bet you can’t jump over the fence, make a million, etc. women grow through praise.

7. what she wants is not what she says TESTS women will give you MEN: tornadoes — HIT HARD then gone. You KNOW what’s happening WOMEN: Hurricanes — get warnings weeks in advance, still have no clue what’s happening or how bad it is until the after math. Floating down river with your dog on a raft.

8. Don't hope for completion in life IN H.S. - make it through to get to college. IN COLLEGE - make it through to get to ENT. IN ENT. Make it through to get to 30’s Millionaire. IN 30’s probably going to hope kids graduate all-time in the world.

9. purpose over the relationship MUST prioritize OTHER missions beyond relationship

10. Don’t fix your woman Biggest boner killer: Mr. Fix It. Just wants to be listened to and encouraged - not fixed. Speaking to your woman, call glass half full not half empty Praise qualities you want to see GROW

stop settling start living


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So you’re in your 20s or early 30s watching this video? My data says that's 80% of my market.


keep watching.

If you apply what’s in this video it could literally make you millions of dollars. Not bullshit, I’ll show you coming up.

Realize how lucky YOU are!? Stumbled on THIS video, at THIS time in your life? Could literally be the difference of a million dollars. Show you in a minute.

Hey Refusers! Welcome to Money Mondays — where we talk about how to use money so finances are less stressful in your present, you can break money habits of past, and your future is secure.

Here are the eight best secrets to becoming rich in your 20s and 30s


Age is NOT a weakness, it’s the ULTIMATE strength. by the time most people are “ready” to start thinking about future it’s too late! the illusion of “when i have a lot of money then I’ll invest” it’s backward, most don’t have lots of money because they don’t invest! Start wherever you’re at. starting in your 20s is SO much better than 30’or 40’s Insert tony robbins comparison from UNshkble video of 20 years old investing

2. SECRET OF Compounding

Golf game — Tony Robbins (it’s that good of analogy)

3. SECRET of 401k Max out

literally FREE money! I don’ have one… so jealous my girlfriend!

4. SECRET of Roth ira good to set this up. $5500 / year (Schwab) MAX this out too! All principal is okay to withdraw All gained is tax-free! 59 1/2 years old withdraw

5. Get out of debt

Credit debt — thing to watch out for! Get OUT. (I’ve never been in credit debt)Ramsey method: Snowball. Pay the lowest card off first.

6. Don’t earn your way rich

you DON’T earn your way rich. Impossible to do. Invest your way RICH. Stop trading hours for dollars. Make money work for you, don’t work for it. This is what we cover on RTS.

7. you don’t have to deprive your lifestyle to invest

qapital app: ► (get $5 FREE when you download/use that link) hack it so you don’t notice don’t cut back on everything - hate yourself make it fun — EARNING money to invest, not throwing it away

8. invest in yourself

self-growth financial IQ don’t be avg (76% paycheck to paycheck, x% in credit debt, x% ____)

stop settling start living


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Feeling stuck on getting YouTube subscribers? Check out these FIVE awesome tips in this video. Here is how to get your first one thousand youtube subscribers fast on YouTube.

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Credit goes to Joe Rogan. Be the hero of your own movie. Always ask yourself "what would the highest version of myself do in this situation?" Stack up that moment to wins, that's how you get ahead!

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7 POWERful public speaking tips- NEVER GET NERVOUS AGAIN It’s time to make you look good the next time you have to speak in public! Here are 7 awesome tips you can use next time it’s your time to shine.

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Hey Refusers, Clark back again from Now whether you know it or not — you WILL have to do public speaking. Maybe you just want to get better at Snapchat or Instagram video stories, not feel like an idiot? Toast at a wedding? Interview with multiple people? Run a business and do videos? If these events cause anxiety or nerves, you’re not alone. 3/4 of Americans report fear of public speaking — ranks in top 10 phobias (above small spaces, spiders, even death) I can’t give you a way around it. Sorry. But I can give you 7 ways to hopefully ease the nerves: 2 Tips on how to NOT get nervous then 5 Tactics on how to CRUSH what you say. Things you can do literally use today if you have a speech in like, an hour. Sound good? 1. EMBRACE THE NERVES Tiger Woods best golfer on earth says “The day he’s not nervous is the day he quits” because nerves correlate with passion. I’m on the road. Backstage before a show at the festival to 4k people. Everyone is nervous. Because of we all care! Realize that because you’re nervous — is BECAUSE YOU CARE! Not a bad thing you’re trying to get rid of, it’s a GOOD thing and sign you should take action. 2. DO NOT PICTURE AUDIENCE NAKED That’s gross. Trust me, you DON’T want to see most of the audience naked… unless you’re into big group nudity. But that’s none of my business. Just picture audience as ONE to ONE communication. Most people hate PS because they picture it ONE to 500, ONE to 1000, ONE to 5 - etc. Now FIVE tactical stuff 3. ASK W.I.F.F.I.M WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? = that line right there will make you millions. Notice how I start my videos — what’s in it FOR YOU. Not how great i am (although that would be the best video in the world). WHY do they care? WHY are they there? WHY are they listening to you? Frame what you talk about in this mode. 4. SLOW DOWN AVG speaking pace around 110 -150 WPM. Most people get on stage and go 200WPM. SLOW it down. EX: Last mile of one mile each lap feel like run faster than previous. Minimize caffeine before the event. 5. GIVE THEM ANCHORS Notice how you’re still watching this right now I’m willing to bet it’s because you’re waiting for the next number I’m essentially giving you a checklist (1-7) and as we’re going down it you’re getting the satisfaction of completing a number. Checking off in your mind. DO that with audience. Say “A,B,C” or “1,2,3” or “the 3 things I want to talk about today” NOTE: DO NOT say “the 34 things today” 6. TRIM THE FAT Lose someone’s attention in first 10 seconds you’ve lost them forever. Cut as much as possible For me struggle with these videos is that I want to get WHY you should listen, INTRO of what we’re talking about, then points. Like book summary. So I’ve started putting point 1. turned into the introduction (tools of Titans) Has worked great. 7. STROY, STUDY, EXAMPLE How I write outlines (If you’re in VBA you know this. Walk you through and give you outlines) stop settling start living clark

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