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Refusers what is up back with my man, Kevin, David, and today we are not cooking omelets. We're not cooking t-bone steaks. We're cooking up something else in this guy's kitchen. Shopify drop-shipping had to work in that pond, man. And what we're gonna do right now is Kevin is going to open his computer right here is personal computer. Let's do this thing. All right, so this is the main website that you are going to be using for shopify drop. So Ali Express is kind of like the Mecca, right? This is the main place where you're going to be able to find products that you're going to find for pennies on the dollar that you're going to be actually having, um, being sold in your shopify store. And so what the beauty of Ali Express is, you don't have to do any of the fulfillment anything, right? You find these products and literally with one button click, you populate them onto your shopify store and they're ready to be sold. And so you're going to be buying them after you've already sold them to your customers. So you'll sell it for $20 and then you will buy it only after you sold it for $1. And you're gonna, you're gonna pocket. The prophets are so. So let's take a look at how I wanted to do this. So all expressed is a very overwhelming website. So as you see now, there's a lot of stuff going on here. There's a ton of different categories. Um, they kind of modeled a lot of the things off of Amazon. They have flashy old brand zones, a ton of different stuff here. I don't like to look at this overall, um, site. There's a few things that I like to focus on, um, that are going to help you guys not get overwhelmed and actually kind of like look at what's really going to be, um, you know, giving you the most bang for your buck and being able to find products quickly. So this little section right here is actually really cool. So this updates, um, it's unbridled neath the search bar and these are kind of products that are like new or trending and how sales velocity getting a lot of orders. Umbrellas, beyblades survival is a popular keyword on all express makeup brushes, uv lamps, tablets, micro USB cables, obviously perennial and microscope. So I like to do these, um, if you refresh the page, um, it actually changes. And then these are other popular products. So this is one of the cool little tricks that I use and I look at these all the time. So these changes literally by the day and so all the experts is doing a lot of the work for you. We see how much it costs you as um, the shopify store owner. Right? So this is cost me $36 and seventy nine cents. I might want to sell this on shopify for like 79, 95 or 97, 95 or 97 99 or something like that, you know, using buyer psychology, which we talked about a ton in the shop financial training. Um, and so there's a lot of different stuff here. Um, we're not gonna spend too much time talking about actually raspberry pies, but it's just another thing that, you know, you like to take a look at and um, it's just, Oh, good way to kind of find, um, products that are, uh, that have potential to be a big sellers for you.


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