Refusing to Settle

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In this video, I'm going over what I wish I knew before starting a youtube channel, growing a youtube channel and getting to over 100,000 subscribers. It's Clark from refusing to Let's go. We're futures in the beautiful beach of Sunny San Diego filming. Actually a couple of collaboration series a with some local youtubers. What I really wanted to talk about today is like, OK, so I'm down here shooting youtube videos. I'm editing youtube videos. My whole business is pretty much a youtube based and I wanted to talk though today about what do you do if you're just starting out, if you don't have maybe even a single video out there where if you don't even have like a thousand subscribers, 10 videos, whatever, any views this is. This is the stuff I wish I knew before I started and so hopefully the slashes off the learning curve for you and you're able to take these tips and just run with them. And so the first thing I wish I knew before starting youtube channel is all it takes is a couple videos. Now what do I mean by this? I don't mean that you can post two videos and be done forever and you know, call it a day. What I mean is that all it takes is the filming the right videos off the bat. So if you go to my channel, the most popular video, I think at the time of recording, it's around one point 6,000,000 views. Who but who's counting, right? Um, it has one point 6,000,000 views and it's on how to sell. Now that video, why I'm bringing it up here is because had I not film that video, do you see on my entire channel would be at negative one point 6,000,000 views. I think I have around 9,000,000 views. So essentially like two nights of my channels, entire weight. It's from that video. When you look at the subscribers, thousands of people found it through that video.


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