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The Big Domino -- Saturday Strategy

How can you get MORE done with LESS work and LESS stress - got a quick tip for you today that will BLOW your mind.


Clark from —Saturday Strategy Short — short bite-size advice you can apply this weekend.

This weeks concept is "DOMINOS"

What's great about Domino's is that they can knock over another domino up to 50% larger. This doesn't seem like a lot, but it adds up over time:

-1D 2”
-23D Eiffel tower
-31D Mt. Everest
-57D Moon

This shows that small changes - or habits -- all build on each other. It's how we compound our results and get momentum.

Another story comes from Tim Ferriss. He says that he spends most of his day doing....noting.

But what he is actually doing is thinking about what is the ONE thing that will knock down all other dominoes?

Not taking action is STILL action

So - what's the ONE domino YOU need to knock down to set everything else in motion?

That's it for this week's Saturday strategy!

See you tomorrow.

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