Refusing to Settle

Think about it: Why is it that two people can take a course one person fails calls it a "scam" but the other goes on to make 20k/mo using methods? It comes down to the person not the method. Everything works these days if backed up by massive action and the right strategy. BUT there are 3 BIG mistakes I see people make when it comes to passive income. It comes down to these 3 archetypes. Which one are you?


2. THE PLANNER: - Thinking when I have ________ then I can act. - Planning is BIGGEST form of procrastination. - For me: writing outlines, editing music perfect levels, doing thumbnail 100% right, etc. NONE of which have make or break in the amount of content I post. THAT’S what’s driving revenue. - Don't confuse busy with productive!

3. THE WRONG VEHICLE: - Boat pointed in the wrong direction it doesn’t matter how hard you row. - SO many opportunities - all work! - just like some people’s diets work great but suck for others — same with opportunities online! The biggest question to ask yourself:

1. What’s EASY (almost effortless for you to do)

2. What makes you look awesome?

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Refusing to settle,


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