Refusing to Settle

In this video, we're going over ONE word that changed everything in my life. Once I learned this, I was finally able to reprogram my subconscious mind, apply self-development, and get manifestations to work in my life.

Here are the notes for this video:

4 LAYERS OF IDENTITY SHIFTING: ACTIONS: chaining techniques (temporary) EMOTIONS: chaining feelings (more powerful cause they guide actions. But trap when we do what love and avoid what we hate. Slave to just doing what’s easy/love) BELIEFS: More powerful but have millions of beliefs. Try to change them all? Not REAL cause - just symptom of mind. IDENTITY: Changing the root of who you are. Core. The root cause, not the symptom.

Most go 1-2-3 and why most fail. Need to go 3-2-1

Most people don’t consider IDENTITY change when set out to improve. Just think “I want to be skinny” (outcome) and if I stick to a diet (habit) I’ll be skinny (identity) - friend lost 100lbs just by asking “what would a healthy person do in this situation?”

The goal is not to not smoke, the goal is to become a nonsmoker The goal is not to write one page, the goal is to become a writer The goal is not to get into running, the goal is to become a runner

Every action is casting a VOTE for the person you want to become

We aren’t born with beliefs. Only collected through Evidence. (i.e. “I’m bad at math” I got from humiliated in 2nd grade) (i.e. “I’m a YouTuber / Entrepreneur” I got from filming 500 videos) (i.e. “I’m a liberal” get from watching only left fake news)

Refusing to settle,


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